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  • 5 Reasons women have taken hold of the jewellery industry
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    Monica Savage
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5 Reasons women have taken hold of the jewellery industry

5 Reasons women have taken hold of the jewellery industry

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2017 - ‘Feminism’. Women’s voices have never been this loud. Business, art, politics - the list goes on; women are starting to be heard and the momentum is gaining. Does this impact the world of jewellery?


Let’s take a trip back to the 1950’s. The typical transaction see a man buying a piece of jewellery from salesman or jeweller, while trying to decipher exactly what his wife would like. Fast forward to 2017, this situation still exists but to think a woman’s complete jewellery collection has been acquired in this manner is absolutely preposterous.  Which only makes sense right? You don’t send a man to shop for your clothes, so how can you expect him to purchase the exact style you want for your most prized possessions? How did this come to fruition?

1.  Personality. In 2017, the female risk taker is not afraid to be seen wearing large investment pieces. Nothing is more intimidating than a woman walking confidently sporting large gold jewellery.  More 21st century women are not afraid to create their own unique style and jewellery is a great way to show their personality to the world. Combining the new with the old or taking new trends and rejuvenating past ones, these options have accelerated fashion statements to new heights. Collaborations between the fashion, jewellery and art industries are increasing our choices exponentially. All it takes is a quick peek at any music or acting Awards ceremony to see the contrasting styles abound.

2 - Access. We have all witnessed it. Arguably the single biggest technological advancement of our lifetimes, the internet. Prior to the world wide web, most people were lucky if they had access to more than a few local jewellery shops or jewellery from department stores. It was quite hard to have a unique style unless it was custom made by a local jeweller. The internet has exploded on the market of jewellery and created an array of choices never seen before. With one click of the button (and entering your name and 10 digit credit card number of course) you can have those stylish silver and lapis earrings delivered to your doorstep the very next day. Whether they sag too low on your ear or give you a rash - well that’s another story as well. Although, a quick repair from your local estate jeweller should do the trick).

brands 2017

3 - Workforce. The first answer that comes to mind is the new wave of financially independent women. The wage gap is closing and there are more women earning high income salaries than ever before. According to StatsCan, since 1953 the participation rate of women in the workforce has risen from 25% to over 82% in 2014. For example, the accounting and financial auditing has gone from almost no women to female driven in this timespan.Without dwelling into pay equity (still a lot of work to do…) it is quite clear there is a new consumer in town and she’s got the bankroll to prove it.

4 - Investment. The numbers speak for themselves. The price of diamonds over the last 50 years have increased ten fold. The price of gold has increased by over 30 times. With more and more woman in control of the household finances, this asset class is getting much more attention and understandably so. (insert gold price chart) For those thinking this can’t last, we continually see record breaking sales at major auctions. For example, just last month Christies set another record for a colorless flawless diamond with a 32 million dollar price tag.

50 years of Gold prices - Goldprice.org

5 - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Unfortunately for all the naysayers, this remains true to this day. It might be cliché but we haven’t seen any slowdown in the diamond industry. There is just something so pure and simple about a good quality stone that transforms our gaze into state of trance. We enjoy the history and craftmanship of the old european cuts, and the precision and perfection of the new round brilliant cuts.     

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  • Post author
    Monica Savage
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