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  • The 6 Steps to a Custom Designed Engagement Ring
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The 6 Steps to a Custom Designed Engagement Ring

The 6 Steps to a Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Step 1 - Finding a Jeweller you can trust

It is as simple as this. Ask around your friends and family for their experiences with local jewellers. Set up an appointment with one or two and ask questions.

  • Can you show examples of previous work?
  • Can I see your selection of loose diamonds?
  • Can you refer a couple you have worked with?

At the end of the day this should be an experience of a lifetime. Feeling comfortable with your jeweller is one of the most important aspects of the process.

Step 2 - Discuss design

Scour the web for inspiration. Look for that unique style that defines you as a couple - the symmetrical patterns of Art Deco, the delicate intricacies of Art Nouveau or a sleek modern touch. The ring will be a timeless piece that will last you a lifetime and perhaps even longer.

custom 3D engagement ring Daisy Exclusive, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec

Figure 1 :  Split screen view of 3D diamond engagement ring, design by Daisy Exclusive

The Rock. The centerstone should be discussed in conjunction with the design as it will be the focal point and most likely be the biggest factor in determining the project’s budget. Again, the choices are endless, from the traditional brilliant cut single stone to fancy coloured diamonds, or maybe even a sapphire or a morganite.

Step 3 - Hand Sketch

Congratulations, you’ve chosen a jeweller who you feel can best reproduce your dream ring for the best price. The hand sketch is where all the design ideas are communicated and your jeweller also has his/her input. Sometimes design nuances will prevent quality/longevity of the ring in which case your jeweller will explain in detail how to make the proper tweaks.  

Step 4 - CAD drawing

The hand sketch is approved by both the customer and the jeweller, next up is the computer aided design. The designer, whether it be the jeweller or a CAD specialist will recreate the hand sketch as close as possible in 3D. The drawing is sent to the customer once again for approval.

Step 5 - Printed Wax setting

The last step before the kiln is fired up and the gold is melted. The wax setting is shown to the customer to have an idea of the actual shape and size of the ring. Design changes are very difficult at this stage but still possible. Be careful with the wax, it is quite fragile!

3D custom design engagement ring daisy exclusive, Montreal, Westmount, Quebec

Figure 2 : Wax setting of Diamond Engagement Ring, design by Daisy Exclusive

Step 6 - Cast, Set, Finish

The wax replica is perfect. No turning back now. The wax setting is transformed into a beautiful gold or platinum piece and the gemstone(s) are securely set.

A ring has been born.

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    Monica Savage

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