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  • Flatware place settings - Why do I have three forks?
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Flatware place settings - Why do I have three forks?

Flatware place settings - Why do I have three forks?

For the seasoned veteran, this shouldn’t even be a question.

For the rest of us? It could be a little tricky.

Let us start off with the basics. The five piece serving set —  A salad fork, a soup spoon, a dinner fork, a dinner knife and a teaspoon. Just to be clear, this setting is used for soup, salad, main course and coffee.

Wait — you need to be able to serve food as well. The standard pieces for any dinner are a large serving spoon, pierced tablespoon, cold meat fork, sugar spoon, butter knife and pie server. However, you do not need to stop there. Pasta scoops to tomato servers, there are serving pieces for just about everything.

Birks sterling silver Chantilly place setting - Montreal, Quebec - Daisy Exclusive

Figure 1: Sterling Silver Serving pieces -  Chantilly pattern, Daisy Exclusive collection

Now that we have all of the flatware, how do we lay them on the table?

Since the majority of people are right handed, the knives and spoons go on the right while the forks go on the left of the plate. As a general rule, they are placed in order of use from the furthest to the plate to the closest. The ends should be one inch from the end of table and the knife blades should be pointing towards the plate.

Bruckmann set of Sterling Silver - Westmount, Montreal - Daisy Exclusive

Figure 2: Bruckmann Sterling Silver set, Daisy Exclusive collection

For more detailed information please visit this great resource for everything involving dinner etiquette.



 At the end of 2011, Daisy Exclusive purchased the entire inventory of discontinued Sterling silver and Regency plate flatware from the Birks collections across Canada. Please see our silver section for any questions regarding replacement pieces or full place settings.


Birks Sterling - https://daisyexclusive.com/collections/birks-sterling-silver-flatware

Birks Regency - https://daisyexclusive.com/collections/birks-regency-silver-plate-flatware

  • Post author
    Monica Savage

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