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  • Golden Globes Jewellery 2017 - Inspiration to start off the year!
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Golden Globes Jewellery 2017 - Inspiration to start off the year!

Golden Globes Jewellery 2017 - Inspiration to start off the year!

The 2017 edition of the Golden Globes kicked off the year in high gear. It was quite apparent Emma Stone, Meryl Streep and Viola Davis stole the show with their profound insights. Equally, if not more, apparent was the fact these ladies looked absolutely stunning doing so. The theme this year - Diamonds. And we aren’t talking about your run of the mill pieces here...

emma stone diamonds golden globe 2017emma stone diamonds golden globe 2017

Emma Stone - Steve Granitz/Getty

Emma Stone. Estate Jewellery at it’s finest. 1909 Tiffany and Co. Edwardian choker necklace and diamond stud earrings. While keeping the choker trend alive and kicking in 2017, diamond studs are a perfect match for showing off an absolute masterpiece of a necklace. The pendant drops perfectly down and displays a massive round cut diamond. Only one question remains - Does she get to keep the necklace?

Meryl Streep Diamond studs golden globes 2017

Meryl Streep Reuters

Although, Meryl’s dress was quite controversial among critics, nobody could argue about the sheer brilliance of her Harry Winston diamond stud earrings. Almost completely covering her earlobe, these 13.62 carat radiant cut yellow diamond studs were competing for the night's’ most luxurious earring prize. Curiously enough, these earrings were the only jewellery Meryl wore aside from a simple wedding band. I guess there was no budget left for anything else!

Viola Davis Golden Globes 2017 90 carats

Viola Davis, Getty Images

If Viola Davis wore anymore diamonds they would start counting them in pounds instead of carats. Harry Winston seems to have dominated the diamond supply at this event and Viola was no exception. Adding up her ‘Secret combination’ diamond hoop earrings and her diamond carpet bracelet, this nominee is decked out in over 90 carats of diamonds!

The night’s most fantastic diamond jewellery prize has to go to Tracee Ellis Ross. The award winning actress decided not to leave any fingers bare with her wide variety of diamond rings.

Overall, just a great night to relax and enjoy some of the world's finest jewellery. 

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  • Post author
    Monica Savage

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