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  • Simple Jewellery Tips To Bring In The New Year!
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Simple Jewellery Tips To Bring In The New Year!

Simple Jewellery Tips To Bring In The New Year!

This might not be the sexiest blog post this week but it is a very important one. We will cover three aspects of jewellery maintenance and upkeep to bring you into the new year.


We buy jewellery to wear.   Even the most careful of people will still manage to scratch their ring on the coffee table, snag a bracelet on a loose nail, or worst case, drop your diamond ring on the bathroom floor resulting in a nice, big crack.

In order to keep up with the day to day abuse, your most precious items should be inspected for signs of wear at least once a year. The easiest way to do this is to bring them to a certified professional Jeweller (ahem Daisy Exclusive) or pick up a loupe and look for the following traits.

  • Prong tips have flattened out from their original round beads.
  • Spacing between gems and prong tips
  • Small cracks in the gold
  • Missing secondary stones (high probability you will lose more!)

Finish and Colour

The aesthetics of an old heirloom can be drastically changed with a simple polish or cleaning. Although some people like the old old tarnished look, a fresh rhodium can do marvels for a gleaming white gold look. Be aware of some simple signs of wear.

  • Yellowing of a white gold or rhodium finish
  • Dirt and grime in jewellery settings
  • Scratches
  • Dull looking gemstones

Italian Byzantine Link Bracelet 18 karat gold - Westmount, Montreal - Daisy Exclusive

Figure 1: Italian Byzantine Link Bracelet in 18k Gold, c. 1950


One of the most overlooked aspects of owning jewellery is the paperwork. While some people learn the hard way, it is a jeweller’s duty to constantly educate customers about the necessity of documenting all one’s possessions and insuring the right pieces. Here is a quick checklist for the new year.

  • Document all possessions on paper or in a computer file
    • This is useful for customs agents questioning purchases out of country
    • Can help for insurance claims after total loss
  • Insure all items with a replacement value over $2,000.
  • Update existing appraisals
    • The prices of gems and jewellery fluctuate with the market. Make sure you are paying the correct amount to insure your pieces.

Check out our SERVICES page for everything else we do!

We would love to close out an amazing 2016 by thanking all of our customers and readers! Best of luck to everyone in 2017!


The Daisy Exclusive Family

  • Post author
    Monica Savage

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  • Dec 30, 2016

    Read all your suggestions!! Good advice, love your Italian link bracelet above!!

    — Myrtle sharp

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