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  • The Enchanting world of Charms
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The Enchanting world of Charms

The Enchanting world of Charms

Religious symbols, mystical powers, superstitions, personal memories — Charms have been dated as far back as the neolithic era. The variety of meanings behind these little jewels make them very sought after treasures.

History of Gold Charms and bracelets

Ancient Egypt gives us a first glance into the use of charms as jewellery — more specifically in bracelets and as pendants. The lavish lifestyles of the Pharaohs put pressure on the jewellers of the time to produce the most luxurious pieces the world had seen to date. Gold, silver and precious stones entered the raw material stream of the artisans forcing them to create new techniques in order to produce the spectacular pieces in which very few have the opportunity to even see.

Eiffel tower and globe gold charmEiffel tower and globe gold charm

Figure 1 and 2: The Globe opens to reveal the Eiffel tower and a small pearl is used as the moon

The Victorian era saw a resurgence in charms, the charm bracelet in particular, as Queen Victoria would not be caught in public without a wide variety of charms around her wrist. Obviously, the Queen of England had a direct impact on European style at the time and not too long after,  the rest of Europe’s bourgeoisie would be sporting charm bracelets.

With the charm business in full swing, the variety expanded into some of the most intricate mechanical gold charms imaginable! Moving parts and hidden compartments became the norm. By the 1950’s, we were seeing typewriters, sewing machines, record players—You name it, there was probably a charm for it.

Samurai gold charm

Figure 3: Samurai charm made from nephrite jade, 18K gold and rubies

Fast forward to today, charms are in full swing with the likes of Pandora, Cartier and Tiffany producing pieces by the thousands or even millions. Who can blame them? We will never get tired of them!

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    Monica Savage

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