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Platinum vs White Gold

Platinum vs White Gold

When it comes down to buying a bracelet or that special ring what is the difference between the two?

For the average jeweller this question is very easily understood, for the average Jane, maybe not so.

When looking at a freshly polished piece of jewellery it is very difficult to notice a difference between the colour and the finish. Over time, the differences will become apparent and you want to make sure to understand what wear and tear will do to your most prized possessions.


18k white gold comprises of a mix 75% gold and 25% of ‘white’ metals used to dilute the yellow colour of the gold. Since the gold is still the dominant metal, a true white is very tough to achieve. In most pieces, the jeweller will add a white rhodium coating to ensure a pure white finish. However, over time this thin layer of rhodium will wear and faint spots of yellow will begin to appear.

Sapphire and Diamond ring - Westmount, Montreal - Daisy Exclusive
Figure 1: 18 karat white gold sapphire and diamond ring, Daisy Exclusive Collections

Platinum on the other hand is a white/greyish metal to begin with and represents 90-95% of the mix used in platinum jewellery. Since it is already white to begin with, the remaining 5-10% of other metals are used to enhance the white color even more and to increase its hardness. This metal choice might lose its initial polish after some time but it will never lose its colour.

Use in designer and fine jewellery

Platinum is a relatively new metal in the jewellery industry dating back to the famous jeweller Louis Cartier in the early 1900’s. Compared to gold, Platinum has a very high melting temperature which had limited its use in the industry before innovative techniques allowed for it to be cast properly into very precise shapes. Believe it or not, Platinum is more dense than gold which results in a heavier piece of jewellery of the same size.

Over the past hundred years the price of platinum has been much more expensive than 18 karat gold, meaning it’s use has been reserved for the finest pieces. Even more, the expertise and artistry required to work with platinum is so specialized that it increases the final cost of the workmanship.

Platinum Diamond Ring - Westmount, Montreal - Daisy Exclusive

Figure 2: Platinum Diamond ring, Daisy Exclusive Collections

However, in the past couple of years we have seen the price of platinum drop below the price of gold. Since the start of platinum use in jewelry, this phenomenon has occurred only a couple of times and did not last very long.

With the market prices favouring platinum over gold, we strongly suggest the use of platinum in custom designs at the moment. Daisy Exclusive provides custom made designs as well as customer requests.

Feel free to browse our large collection of estate platinum pieces online.

 Daisy Exclusive Platinum Collection

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    Monica Savage

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