Selling your Jewellery

Daisy Exclusive is recognised as one of the most well-known destinations in Canada for buying estate jewellery, gold – for melt and resale, art and collectables. “We concentrate more on the buying factor in our business- this is due to the fact that when we sell an item, we cannot just make a call to reorder!“ When we are fortunate enough to find an item of jewellery to resell, some TLC is in order before the piece goes out for display. Often chipped or poor quality stones (diamonds or other gemstones) have to be replaced, some prongs may need to be re-tipped or remade completely. “We hold very high standards when it comes to quality and condition of our jewellery.“

Daisy Exclusive is very busy buying gold, paying a premium for the pieces in high demand. “We are very competitive in the gold market, paying the highest price possible due to the fact that we deal in larger quantities and directly with our gold smelter.” There is a huge factor involved in buying gold: TRUST. “I learned very early in life from my parents that more than anything, gaining trust from clients was paramount in running a long term successful business.''