Fine Jewellery and High Fashion pieces - Appraisals start at 70$ per piece and vary based on complexity. All appraisals are completed by a certified FCGmA Gemologist.

Full Estates (Silver, Art, Porcelain, Furniture, etc) - Jeff Pollock is a trusted Canadian Personal Property Appraiser with 30 years of experience. Certified member of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG). Contact Jeff for quotes.


Fine Jewellery - Simple repairs to complete rebuilds, Daisy Exclusive is one of the few jewellers Montrealers trust with their most prized possessions. 

Silverware Restoration and silver repairs - Silverware is a beautiful albeit needy material. We offer cleaning, polishing, restoration and replacement.

Watch Battery replacements - 10$ for standard watches

Custom Projects

Daisy Exclusive’s Co-Owner, Monica Savage, has been meticulously designing fine jewellery pieces for distinct customers over the past 20 years. Whether it is a simple diamond upgrade or a complex multi-tiered necklace, Monica’s experience and attention to detail have brought her the reputation as one of the best in the business. From sourcing rare stones to choosing the perfect precious metal for your skin type, we specialize in taking care of each individual walking into our store. For all custom project discussions, please schedule an appointment by email info@daisyexclusive.com or by phone (514) 938 3554.


A little known fact, Daisy Exclusive has been active providing jewellery, Art and Silver for special events for the past 40 years! As Montreal is one of the film production centers of North America, many of our items have appeared on the Big Screen and TV. Weddings, Galas and Red Carpets also see their fair share of our timeless pieces!

Estate Sales


We conduct complete estate sales and evaluations. We have been serving customers here in Montreal who require this service, as far away as Scotland, as well as Toronto and Ottawa. This sale takes place right on your premises, after reviewing, researching, evaluating and pricing. Owners are invited to inspect the sale immediately before it begins in order to guarantee that all their inventory is indeed for sale – and not pre-sold at a discount to selected buyers, etc.
We charge a commission ranging from 10% to 30%, depending on the volume and work involved.  Call us for a free estimate. There need not be a home full of antiques to have a successful sale. Whether you are downsizing, moving, or an executor or beneficiary, DAE can provide you with the appropriate knowledge and experience necessary to conduct a successful and profitable sale.

Jewellery and Silver Engraving

Jewellery and silver engraving has been integral to the artistic forms of jewellery since its inception. Daisy Exclusive has rigorous quality standards for any of its engravers and we stand behind their work. Please contact us today for your engraving needs. Quotes will vary depending on the project and the type of metal.


We specialize in finding the right gift for every occasion! Browse some of our unique items online or contact us for ideas.